Founded in 2015 by Maky Boudreault, the Evade ™ eco-responsible clothing project was launched on April 6, 2016. Launched from a successful crowdfunding campaign, on the Kickstarter platform, the local production process started in July 2016. Evade clothing brand was established in the province of Quebec in summer of 2016 on environmental, social and economic values. We are proud to have our production line in Montreal, whether it is cutting, assembly or printing.

Our collections are designed from our three key beliefs:

First of all, comfort: you get a great piece of clothing that you love to wear. Our fabric blend is the most naturally soft textile. We realize that we cannot demonstrate how soft our clothes are, you will have to test them for yourself. Your feedback is always appreciated and we love compliments!

The second is versatility. Your clothes should be the best in all situations. You could work, play sports, or even sleep, our clothes are designed for all situations.

The third is the price: we must deliver top quality clothing at a competitive and affordable price. Manufacturing locally in Montreal shouldn't hurt your wallet. These are prices that we ourselves would be willing to pay.

Early 2015 - Research and development to find a fabric that meets our criteria and ethical and environmental values.

October 2015 - Conception of the first Evade T-shirt and long sleeve prototypes

April 6, 2016 - Launch of our crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform

March 8, 2017 - Unveiling of LMV (La Mode Verte) as well as the logo that will replace the Evade triangle in 2018

April 25, 2018 - Lancement de la campagne Kickstarter pour notre nouveau produit phare : les boxers pour homme

September, 17 2020 - Local launch of the LMV dress, which will be our first female product

October 2020 - Return of sweaters in version 2.0 + Announcement of the first women's underwear

2021 - Major upcoming projects